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Salvation Army asking for city’s help in address housing emergency

Parksville, BC, Canada / The Lounge 99.9
Salvation Army asking for city's help in address housing emergency

PARKSVILLE – Officials with the Mount Arrowsmith Salvation Army were in front of Parksville Council asking for some help.

They are trying to secure housing for people displaced by a fire at Ocean Terrace Apartments July 6th. The Salvation Army’s Earl Blacklock says they’re facing a “housing emergency”.

“This community currently does not have the ability to offer safe, affordable housing to the 35 people displaced by this fire,” he said. “It is a housing emergency because the short term accommodations that the community has generously offered are generally not sustainable on a long term basis.”

According to Blacklock, only 9 of the 35 Ocean Terrace evacuees have secured long term housing. The Salvation Army does own some property, but it’s not a big enough footprint for the housing they’re looking for.

They are asking the city to work with them to remove barriers to a temporary housing solution.

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